MikuMikuBeat is inspired by the Japanese Language VPVP Wiki, home to many resources, tutorials and downloads. Because online translation services may not be entirely accurate (even downright confusing), MMB is dedicated to adapting the service for English language users.

You can search this site using the links on the sidebar (or the links that will be made available on the MikuMikuBeat site). Click on a modeler/author's name in the list to filter models by that author, or click on a character's name to filter models of that character, etc. Eventually you will be able to search by series.

Please Note the Following:

  1. Download links are subject to change. This usually happens when someone decides they want to move to a different hosting service and can happen for various reasons. More often they just don't like the site they're using anymore, or it's closing down and they need to find someplace else to put everything.
  2. I'll try my best to bring you links to the original author's website, as this makes it easier to find other creations by the same person. In the absence of a website or blog, expect to see links to nico videos or the site/page where the file is currently being hosted.
  3. I can't and won't rehost any files myself. Accounts on file sharing sites are extremely limited and the cost of upgrading would be far too great. I wouldn't even be able to gather all of the files out there on one account anyways.
  4. Files are hosted in various locations, so in case the service that's currently holding the file you're looking at is experiencing heavy traffic or downtime, please try again later.
  5. Please do not rehost files, a number of people do this and label their files simply as 'miku' or by the character name. This actually makes searching for the original download location even more difficult because you don't even have an author name to work with. And of course, it'll be even more difficult if you don't understand Japanese and there's no preview image.

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